I finally get you Anderson Cooper


Lesson in believability…

Journalist Anderson Cooper came out as gay in July and everyone was like “no kidding, dude.”

Some folks, including myself, were miffed for about five minutes that he hadn’t come out earlier and some people, including myself, didn’t really buy the whole “but I’m a journalist and some of my sources won’t be as open if they know I’m gay.”

Well now I get it.

My turn in the rotation to write a Sunday editorial for our paper comes the weekend after Marianne and I get married. I really want to write about my wedding and they everything associated with it…including providing a link to my blog. But then I thought about it and realized that as an education reporter, it may not be the smartest thing for me to do. Let’s think here:

  • I live in the South and in a not-so-cosmopolitan county in North Carolina;
  • While they are totally wrong, there are parents who still believe that all homosexuals are out to recruit their children (among other far more nefarious deeds);
  • I have to interact with said parents and their children on a daily basis sometimes;
  • My being out really may affect my ability to do my job.

Wow. I kind of want to write Anderson Cooper a letter and apologize for being an unbelieving cynic.

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