You’re talking out both sides of your mouth David’s Bridal


I’ve written before about how the entire Wedding Industrial Complex (WIC) is geared toward straight folks, bu when I went shopping for a wedding dress and finally, after much searching, ended up at David’s Bridal, I was kind of confused that they were so accommodating to me as a lesbian.

I’ve also written before about how much wedding spam I receive, but even in their emails to me, David’s Bridal has been mostly neutral on the straight/gay marriage descriptors.

Well, not anymore.

I received an email today with the subject “KATIE: Change Your Name the Easy Way” with a link to DB’s partner, a Web site called

When I opened the email, I kind of wanted to reach through the screen and choke whoever was on the other end of it.

After months and months of (trying to) ignore the fact that the WIC doesn’t really want to involve me, I get his in the face with it all over again.

And, for the record, changing your name in a lesbian relationship in a state where your marriage won’t be recognized is NOT an easy thing at all. Bite me.

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