Egypt or Evangelical?; Alcohol and Feminism


Myrtle Turtle

M and I spent most of (OK all of) last night hanging out with the cutest thing on earth (also known as Myrtle), so I’m a bit late in getting my Sunday news up. We found Myrtle in the local grocery parking lot as she was trying to climb into the underside of a car. Currently we’re trying to rehome her because we can’t keep her. Let me know if you want her and are local to Greenville.

Anyhow, I’ve got just two articles this week, both surrounding Religion and Feminism.

Alcohol is a Feminist Issue Too

  • This comes from a blog I follow called “Feminism and Religion;
  • Read the whole post if you like, but I think the most relevant pieces are the first three and the last paragraph;
  • While working at a liquor store to supplement her income, the author says that fact that she doesn’t speak up about misogynistic images used to sell alcohol is a class issue – “Specifically, classism affects one’s ability to stand up for one’s self when one’s livelihood is on the line.”

Family Life According to the Brotherhood

  • This New York Times article describes just what it says, family life in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • Men are taught they are to be the breadwinners and decision-makers in the family, women are taught their role is to support their husband in his role;
  • What scares me is that if you didn’t know this piece was coming from Egypt, a number of these “rules” sounds a lot like the rules for Christian living in some Evangelical homes right here in America.

More next week, especially as the wedding (and the general election) loom ever closer!


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