Moving forward…finally


Our FBI background check results came in the mail today, yippee! We can now move forward with our legal name changes.

The problem is, since we’re relatively new to Greenville, NC and Pitt County, we’ve got to start from the beginning…figuring out where to get the applications, how, where and to whom the applications need to go, how long things will take now…

I’m not complaining, I’m just…O who am I kidding? This sucks!

As I’ve said before, if Marianne and I could just get married legally, all this would take so much less time and less money, not to mention the marriage license and related applications are available online for straight folks where we (as best I can tell) have to drive to the Clerk of Courts Office and pay a fee to even access our Application for Legal Name Change.

This whole process is but one reason the U.S. needs a national marriage standard, not just a patchwork of laws throughout each state. Yes, it would make things easier, but beyond that it would also allow us to change our (married) name back to our maiden name if something was to happen between Marianne and me.

Changing my name in North Carolina requires a change to my birth certificate, it’s permanent. I literally become a different person as far as the government is concerned (although my Social Security Number stays the same). I don’t have a whole lot of anxiety over it, I just wish that things were more equitable in America so I wouldn’t have to worry about this in the first place.

Regardless, for now it’s onwards and upwards. At least Pitt County’s courthouse is smaller than Forsyth’s, so maybe we can actually get things moving in a timely fashion. Clerk of Court’s Office here we come!

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  1. My lady and I are also NC residents and are currently in the process of planning our upcoming wedding. It seems there are so many hoops to jump through if we ever want to have legal recognition, even if it’s only sharing a last name. I wish you all the luck in pursuing your goals and hope that the system isn’t too unfriendly there in Pitt county.

  2. We live in Indiana and I just filed the paperwork in court to change my name. I was married to a man for many years. We parted amicably, and at the time I didn’t feel a real drive to get rid of his name. But now, after having been divorced for several years and deeply in love with my future wife, I am looking forward to returning to my maiden name.

    In Indiana the legal name change forms are on-line. I completed them and took copies to the courthouse (along with the $140 filing fee). They assigned me a court date and gave me the Notice of Petition for Name Change that I have to have published in the newspaper 3 times, each a week apart (another $64). Then after 30 days from the last publication, I attend the court hearing and get back my birth name. The ad appeared in the paper for the first time last Saturday!

    V and I are planning to get married in Iowa in the spring… and then will look forward to DOMA falling and our marriage being recognized by the federal government. Unfortunately, Indiana is about as backward as you can get about gay rights, so we’ll probably not be legal here until the state is forced by the federal government to recognize our marriage.

    I send heart-felt good wishes to you and your partner as you navigate through the good and the bad on your path toward your name changes and wedding celebration. I look forward to reading about all of it!

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