Does winning a gold make up for “bad hair?”



Heya! This is a “What You Should Read This Week” catchup from yesterday, and just in case you haven’t gotten enough of the Olympics I’m adding some backstory to the conversation.

First up, Gabby Douglas’ hair.

Why Focus on Gabby Douglas’ Hair?

  • As if winning two Gold medals wasn’t enough, USA Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas now has to take criticism for her hair;
  • Tiya Miles, professor of African American Studies at the University of Michigan, puts the “hair controversy” in historical context;
  • According to Miles, “The chatter about Douglas’ hair has been insensitive and unproductive. Instead of criticizing this teenage girl for her appearance, black women and men could have been using those 140 Twitter characters to celebrate the skill of an Olympic champion.”

Second, a big “YES!” to Missy Franklin who chose to put education first.

Missy Franklin Wants to Swim in College, Put Off Endorsement Fortunes

  • Swimmer Missy Franklin, who won three gold medals and one bronze at these Olympic games, is choosing to forgo cash endorsements and remain an amateur so she can swim in college;
  • According to the article, “Franklin, who will soon be a high school senior in Aurora, Colo., has already turned down $100,000 in prize money and many times that in endorsements, the Wall Street Journal estimated;”
  •  Franklin is only 17, this year she’ll be a high school senior and has yet to commit to a college.

Third, only because it’s older but I missed it, here’s a link to the openly gay and lesbian Olympic athletes competing at this year’s games.

21 Openly Gay And Lesbian Athletes In London

  • Three from the USA – one each in basketball, soccer and doubles tennis;
  • Apparently there are also two openly gay coaches (U.S. and Britain’s women’s soccer coaches) and two gay Paralympians;
  • Just for fun, the medal counts of these athletes can be found here.

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