I’ve got a helmet Life, let’s go, what else you gonna throw at me??


Callie does not want to move – she’s decided her best option is to hide until it’s all over

This will be a quick post – mostly to fill you in on all the wedding planning I’m not doing because of other real life stuff that’s happening. So maybe you’ll forgive me when most of my posts come off as trying too hard.

First, we’re moving. We’ve got about a week (okay exactly a week) before we pack the U-Haul and move to Greenville so Marianne can start school and I can start my work as the education reporter for The Daily Reflector. We’re moving into a house owned by a friend so although we can keep most of what we own now, we’re being forced to evaluate – right now – what we’re going to need when we get there and what we can put store in the attic. All I know is that the waffle iron better find its way into the kitchen.

Last time Marianne and I moved we about killed each other. Mostly because she had to pack and I had to kind of sort of help her when I could while also still working full time. This time we’ve got more time to get ready and we now understand Kelly’s Rules to Fighting Fair. These rules actually work really well for communication in general…but I’ve also learned to just say “yes” a lot and purposefully checked my attitude and tried (really, really) hard to work as part of the Marianne and Me team.

Second, it looks like our name change will happen in Greenville, not in Winston like we wanted. We still don’t have our Federal background checks back and nothing can happen before then. Fortunately, we had a friend of ours who lives in Greenville go through the process already so she will (hopefully) guide us through the process. I assume it’s pretty much the same as here, I just hope any judge we have to speak to will not ask too much about why I want to change my name. We’ll see.

Third, Marianne’s father passed away this morning. He had been sick, but I still don’t know that anyone was really ready for it. In between packing and moving and my trying to train the new guy at work, we will be making a trip back to Tennessee for the funeral and for M to be with her family. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

In good news, we’ve got our wedding cake tasting tomorrow with our friend Deese who’s making the cake. We also talked with Angela Yarber, one of the pastors at Wake Forest Baptist Church, on Wednesday and she’s agreed to do our vows and ring exchange ceremony on the night before we have our big ceremony at Green Street. Looks like our ceremony timeline is finally falling into place.

I am currently on the hunt for wedding dress shoes. I’ve got a dress fitting coming up and have yet to find a pair.We’ve also got to start thinking about ordering our actual wedding invitations, I don’t know if we’ve decided to continue the Civil Disobedience theme or not. Regardless, the invites have to go out in mid-September. You know, right when Marianne is beginning her schoolwork and I’m still trying to find the rhythm of my job.

I’m tired, but I’m ready. I’ve got a helmet and I’m considering some elbow and knee pads, just in case Life decides to throw something else at me too…


Don’t Forget! Support the name change!

As an update, we’ve gotten back our state background checks back and are now just waiting on the Feds. Come on, USA! Once that’s done, we’ll starting moving forward with the actual paperwork filing.

Any amount is helpful, we’ve got until the end of July to raise the money…we’re still sitting at $237 which gets us two sets of fingerprints a piece, covers the cost of the federal and state background checks for both of us and gives us money for one of the name change application. We’re still looking to cover the other $120 for the second application and some money for dinner… We’re looking to raise $375 – only $138 to go!


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