When planning a wedding, always consult the Centers for Disease Control first!


I’m not sure what the CDC would say about being diagnosed with Swine Flu 48 hours before you’re wedding. Make the best of it and hand out hand sanitizer as a wedding favor I guess.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found a way to hone in on my Big Day.

The CDC’s newest public health blog post in entitled “Surviving the Wedding Day” and includes some awesome tips like:

  • “The bridal kit should include extra safety pins, makeup for touchups, maybe a few sedatives;”
  • Knowing your evacuation procedures because, after all, if a tornado rips through the area, “200 guests are not going to be able to crowd into the one windowless bathroom;”
  • “When dealing with an emotional bride…be supportive and have some bottled water from your emergency kit and a box of chocolate on hand;”
  • “And remember there’s safety in numbers (because) you never know when Bridezilla might pop up.”

In the end, there’s always NPR’s take on it:

If you really want to avoid a wedding disaster, keep it simple and elope.


Don’t Forget! Support the name change!

Any amount is helpful, we’ve got until the end of July to raise the money…we’re up to $237 which gets us two sets of fingerprints a piece, covers the cost of the federal and state background checks for both of us and gives us money for one of the name change application. We’re still looking to cover the other $120 for the second application and some money for dinner… We’re looking to raise $375 – only $138 to go!

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