What does $375 get us?


Loads of paperwork…Can I go out and play now?

Just as an FYI, I thought I should detail exactly what the “Name Change and Dinner to Celebrate” fund is actually going towards, what’s been done already and what is still left to do.

Two sets of fingerprints each – $20 total

  • Even though Marianne is currently a uniformed Police Officer and I served in the military, we are still required to have background checks;
  • To accomplish this, they need a new set of fingerprints from each of us;
  • Finished – June 28.

State and Federal background checks – $28 total for the state and $32 total for the federal

  • Again, even though Marianne is a PO and I was in the military, we need these to prove we’re not changing our names to hide from the law;
  • The state requests were sent to Raleigh, NC and the federal request got sent to somewhere in West Virginia;
  • Finished – June 28;
  • Now we wait for the results to come in, hopefully sooner rather than later, although both info sheets said it could take three to four weeks;
  • State background check results received July 7.

Filing the name change request – $240 total in Forsyth County

  • Once the background checks come back, we will be able to actually file the paperwork for the request;
  • This includes hanging our intent for a name change notice on some board in the Clerk of Courts office;
  • This also includes having three (3) friends sign affidavits testifying to our character;
  • Ideally this will be done before we move but depending on when the background checks come back, we may have to file in Pitt County. Luckily Greenville, NC is the county seat so all the offices we need are a five mile drive from our new place;
  • Currently waiting on the results of the background check.

Dinner to celebrate – $55

  • I’m not actually sure we’ll get a $55 dinner, in fact I can’t really imagine doing that ever;
  • Let’s just say dinner + the cost of mailing stuff, gas, time and effort and other incidentals;
  • Hopefully around July 31, assuming everything stays on schedule.

So there you have it, I will update you all as the the progress as it occurs. Slow and steady may win the race, but fast and furious is more fun. I am so not a fan of waiting. My grandmother used to say that patience was a virtue, just not one of hers and I fast fear that that’s becoming my mantra as well. Oy vey.


Don’t Forget! Support the name change!

Any amount is helpful, we’ve got until the end of July to raise the money…we’re up to $237 which gets us two sets of fingerprints a piece, covers the cost of the federal and state background checks for both of us and gives us money for dinner.. We’re looking to raise $375 – only $138 to go!

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