If you really feel you must have it all…


I received an Oriental Trading (Wedding!) catalog in the mail the other day. Now the only thing  I know about the Oriental Trading Company is that we used to order crazy amounts of Girl Scout party supplies like glitter and bubbles and luau ridiculousness for about $5. Which means it’s super cheap…and super tacky.

So I was curious beyond belief to see they created a wedding line. I was hoping it was a bit more upscale, but I was totally wrong. So…for the bride who truly has it all (already) and just has to add more to “accessorize her big day” to quote the Web site, I gave you the Top 5 Things from the Oriental Trading Company that would totally make your day even more “perfect”:

Personalized just married Floor Clings

Because nothing says “Congratulations” like walking (perhaps even dancing awkwardly?) all over the new couples names. 27×27 feet for only $18.50.

Personalized 2 Hearts Pencils

“Add a personal touch to your wedding reception with these lovely Two Hearts pencils!” Or your second grade Valentines Day party…whichever. Only $7.50 for two dozen.

Fall Wedding Facial Tissue Packs

I mean I guess Oct. 27 is high time for allergies, right? Or not. Apparently tissue packs are super popular though, because searching for them (alone) on OTC brings about 19 results with decorations including a cross, tissues in hot orange, pink, and blue [packaging, and a “rustic western wedding” pack. Good news, they’re only $4.25 for 10 packs (8 tissues in a pack, now that’s a bargain!)

Silver Chandelier

Bring on the elegance (?)… with a silver streamer “chandelier!” Nobody’s reviewed it yet so I can’t say for certain how it’s going over, but for only $$26.50 it’s a steal of a deal! (For you more adventurous types, they also sell it in gold…just an FYI)

Birch Bark Candleholder with Elk

Last but not least (and I swear this was in the “wedding” category), there’s this lovely birch bark candleholder. I can’t think of any wedding that wouldn’t be complete without it! $15 reduced to $9.99.

O, Oriental Trading Company, how did I ever plan my wedding without you! And you’re offering free shipping on orders over $49? Y-E-S! After ordering about 15 items, I might actually meet that requirement.



Don’t Forget! Support the name change!

Any amount is helpful, we’ve got until the end of July to raise the money…we’re up to $137 which gets us two sets of fingerprints a piece, covers the cost of the federal and state background checks for both of us and gives us money for dinner.. We’re looking to raise $375 – only $238 to go!

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