Sometimes people just shouldn’t talk



Seriously?!? That’s your response?

Last post I dropped a bomb (okay, not really a bomb, maybe more like a water balloon or a Nerf ball) about the fact that Marianne and I are changing our last names and what a big pain in the butt it’s going to be to switch everything over and that if we could just get married it would all be easier.

Most of the reactions were sympathetic, like Megan’s:

I changed my last name to my wife’s before our first baby was born (we’re in Columbus, OH). It didn’t involve the fingerprints that you had to submit, but did require requesting a court date and the ridiculous printed (in a local newspaper) admission that I was changing my name. you know, in case a bill collector needed to find me or something. The “paperwork” for court was perhaps a total of $150 and the newspaper thing was, I think, around $35. I know the total was under $200. My friend in PA who did the same thing around the same time spent $400. Makes me NUTS.

And Fiercesappho:

It’s not easy that is for sure. In NC, changing your name actually changes on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE which is kinda sad to lose that part since in heterosexual marriages they just append their name. That of course leads to many other difficulties that require proving the name change via a paper trail all the time…It’s all super annoying, but in the end, it’s all worth it because we share the same last name and are forever bound.

And then there’s Lisa:

Luckily, after marrying my partner legally here in MA, I had zero problems changing my last name to hers.

Well, congratu-freakin’-lations to you!

But I mean seriously, you read my blog and that’s your comment? I mean I’m glad YOU had the ability to get married legally and whatnot, but this is my situation and your comment is so not what I want. I’m not expecting sympathy, but smugness and arrogance aren’t really what I’m after either.


Seriously, some people just shouldn’t talk sometimes…


Don’t Forget! Support the name change!

Any amount is helpful, we’ve got until the end of July to raise the money…we’re up to $62 which gets us two sets of fingerprints a piece and covers the cost of the federal background check for both of us. We’re looking to raise $375 – only $313 to go!

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