Olympic sex verification; What is really takes to become ana American citizen; The importance of taking care of our own


Sunday news roundup on a Monday. Last night I was busy moderating a “where do we go from here?” panel talking about the aftermath of Amendment One’s ratification and how to move forward.

The answer, not totally surprisingly, is to elect pro-equality candidates in November and retake control of the local, state and national governments. Start thinking about which candidates you can get behind now folks, this is going to be a long, hard battle to November.

In other news around the web:

Here’s why Olympic sex verification is a bad idea

  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is considering a ban on women with naturally high levels of testosterone (aka hyperandrogenism), the idea being that it’s not fair that women with “normal” testosterone levels have to compete against women with naturally accelerated levels;
  • Plenty of scientists say testosterone testing isn’t going to help the problem, especially because hormone spikes happen randomly depending on the “time of day, time of life, social status, and – crucially – one’s history of athletic training;”
  • Some folks believe all this testing is distracting from more pressing issues – like why there 40 more Olympic events for men with longer distance and durations fr no real reason and why men won’t be subject to any new scrutiny even though their hormone levels also fluctuate.

So you want to be an American

  • Super-easy to understand flow chart on just what it takes to become an American citizen;
  • Includes percent chance you have of getting a Green Card for each scenario;
  • Even one you obtain a Green Card, you still have to file naturalization papers and pass a civics exam – and then wait another three to five years.

America’s lost boys

  • WordPress blogger Sweet Mother had a post about two very different, yet very much the same, American soldiers – Bradley Manning (of Wikileaks fame) and Bowe Bergdahl (who walked off his base in Afghanistan and is now a POW);
  • She calls them part of a growing number of “Lost Boys” and her post speaks to a growing contingent of lost boys as America continues to make war and military service look more like a Gatorade commercial than reality;
  • Her idea is either to make military service compulsory or stop glorifying it as a way out of the “ghetto,” because in reality many “boys trying to hard to be men” only end up super lost and confused.

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