“We are…not…alone


We live in God’s world…”

That’s one part of a three part chant we do every Easter at Green Street and it’s been running around in my brain recently, I think it’s God’s shorthand way of reminding me that…well…exactly what it says.

After everything that’s happened in the last few months – from losing the Amendment One battle to watching the whole United Methodist Church take a vote at general conference to exclude me – again – at least for the next four years – I was just done and the article I read on Tuesday just kind of sent me over the edge.

Funny that to pull myself back I would go hang out with a whole bunch of church folk.

Currently the Western North Carolina conference of Methodists (of which Green Street is a part jurisdictionally) is meeting for their annual conference in Lake Junaluska, close to Tennessee and about two and a half hours west of Winston-Salem. As part of the week-long meeting, the folks with the Reconciling Ministries group usually organize a worship service to remind the larger denomination that everyone (including gays and lesbians who already exist in the church anyway) needs to be fully included.

This year it was at 9 last night.

So, after work yesterday, about 15 of us made the 2.5 hour journey through the North Carolina mountains to add our support and be lifted up in the knowing that we are not alone. Considering the Green Street is the only  reconciling congregation in the Western NC conference, coming en masse seemed appropriate.

It was awesome. I have been feeling very hurt by the larger world lately and I felt sort of vulnerable last night. But to be at Lake Junaluska, surrounded by other people I didn’t know from churches I didn’t recognize (even though they were all Methodist), reminded me that the larger world is full of good people too.

There are always going to be folks who don’t like who I am or what I stand for, but last night I caught a glimpse of the fact that there are some people that do. And who want to work alongside me in the creation of a better world, both inside and outside the church.

I needed to be reminded. And I was. And it was awesome.

I am…not…alone…I live in God’s crazy, mixed up, wonderful, diverse, noisy, amazing world. And I, along with anyone else who wants to work with me, am going to make it better.

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  1. I wasn’t able to be at conference this year, but I’m so glad this happened and that you were able to go.

    I didn’t know Green Street was the only reconciling congregation in the WNCC–although now that I think about it, I’m not surprised…and that makes me really sad.

    I’ll be moving to Winston in September and I’m planning to visit Green Street this Sunday…soooo let me know if you happen to be around. It’d be great to meet you.

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