Wisconsin, Ohio, and a Catholic nun that just won’t hush


Three rather serious pieces this week, two statewide news pieces – one from Wisconsin, one from Ohio – and “an opinion that is not acceptable” to Catholic bishops. Although personally, I think the opinion ought to be coupled with an “Atta Girl!,” but that’s just me.

Seven Ways Wisconsin’s Recall Vote May Matter to You

  • On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker retained his position, making him the only governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election;
  • NPR thinks this election is setting the stage for what may happen in November across the nation;
  • The article presents seven tangible things, like labor politics, the way each state bargains with its employees and budget priorities, that may change as a result of this election.

One of the new apartments at The Banks

An Ohio River City Comes Back to its Shoreline

  • Over the past few years, my hometown of Cincinnati has made strides to clean up downtown, revitalize it and remake it into a livable space for suburbanites who want to relocate close to downtown;
  • The New York Times paints this project as good for everyone – a $600 million, 18-acre mixed-use retail, residential and entertainment development, a $400 million, 354,000-square-foot casino, a $120 million, 5,500-space underground parking garage;
  • Other folks, especially those with local ties, feel that this is an exercise in gentrification, the process by which wealthier people acquire land/homes/apartments/business storefronts in low-income neighborhoods and displace the residents that currently inhabit those spaces;
  • An article in Cincinnati’s City Beat from 2010 immediately comes up when I Google “Cincinnati” and “gentrification,” as does a Wikipedia article of Gentrification which includes Cincinnati as an example.

Last but not least – why couldn’t I have has her as a teacher in high school?

Vatican Scolds Nun for Book on Sexuality

  • The Vatican’s doctrinal office denounced Sister Margaret Farley last Monday (June 4) for writing a book “that attempted to present a theological rationale for same-sex relationships, masturbation and remarriage after divorce;”
  • According to the bishops, the book entitled Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics was “‘not consistent with authentic Catholic theology,’ and should not be used by Roman Catholics;”
  • The views she presents on divorce, same-sex relationships and masturbation, among other topics, are “not acceptable,” according to the Vatican;
  • “The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the Vatican had not called for any sanctions against Sister Farley and was not expected to do so because she has retired from teaching.” – isn’t that nice of them?

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