Sacpegoating – T Rex style!


Marianne and I had a conversation a few days ago and realized two things about the caterer we hired back in January. First, we can’t really afford them, even if my mom is helping with the cost, and second, we may be the only people who will eat what they designed for the menu. (Technically there’s a third reason, but I’d rather not talk about my inability to keep any sort of white clothing clean).

Anyway, we found a new caterer that we liked and I called them Tuesday afternoon. In the first five minutes of speaking, the caterer mentioned my “husband-to-be” and what he might like for the reception. I corrected the record and we moved on, no big deal.

Driving to work Wednesday morning, I got to thinking about how straight people are always the stand-in group when most marriage-business people think about “marriage” and “relationships,” and started to wonder if straight folks ever get tired of being the representation of marriage. Which led me to a tongue-in-cheek look at other things that may be tired of being the stand-in for all of their kind.



Hey! What’d I do?

Ask any three-year-old to draw a dinosaur and you’ll most likely get a rudimentary picture of a T. rex. While they were one of the largest dinos during their period, there have been about 700 species of dinosaurs classified…so why do we automatically give T. rex all the credit???

Black and white cows

What the F?! I’m a DAIRY cow, I give you milk. You don’t eat me.

I asked Marianne yesterday morning what color spots cows had. She immediately said “black.” But I wonder if black cows get tired of being the only ones anyone ever sees in children’s books, on Thomas Kinkade calendars, heck even in the Chick-Fil-A advertisements. You would think we could give some love to the brown-and-whites but alas, black-and-whites rule supreme. Not to mention no one ever gives love to the bulls…except the cows, which is why we have…nevermind.

Random fact: cows chew their cud, partially digested regurgitated food, for up to eight hours a day – ew.

Pit Bull

I say “pit bull,” you say “likes to hang out with orphaned kittez?”

Pitt Bulls have totally gotten a bad wrap and I’m sure by now they’re totally sick of being the poster children for vicious dogs. Yes they have a 300 pound per square inch bite, but trained correctly they’re mostly rambunctiously good dogs. Train them, teach your children to be respectful of all dogs and it’s all good. Besides, the top three “biters” in 2008 were the Dachshund, the Chihuahua, and the Jack Russell Terrier. Maybe the Taco Bell dog ought to be added to the “fearsome dog” list eh?


For serious? I’m the go-to product when you need to blow your nose? Gross.

I must admit, this has been a Godsend for Kimberly-Clark since they first marketed the tissue in 1924, but I can’t help but think that if the Kleenex could talk, it would rather not be the face of the product you use when you need to remove the snot from your nose. Especially because there are so many other  products (like handkerchiefs and tablecloths) to share the wealth.

Another random fact: the tissue was originally marketed just to women to use as a cleansing cloth during makeup removal. The word Kleenex comes from “cleansing” with the “K ” and the “ex” coming from Kotex, the first successful Kimberly-Clark product.

Yellow Ducks

I only stay like for a few months okay? Will you still love me when I’m grown?

Wasn’t it a bit of luck/that I was born a baby duck?/With yellow wings and yellow shoes/So I can go wherever I choose!/Quack, quack, quack quack quack!/Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack!

Okay, Girl Scout song moment over.

But seriously, from rubber ducks which are always yellow to cute duckies in picture books you would think that the world is all filled with the thing in the picture – and that all ducks quack. (Apparently only the females of some species – not all – actually quack). I wonder if the adults in the 31 total duck species ever feel left out because only the cute little babies get any love? Or if the babies ever just want to be left the heck alone.


Anyway, there you have it. A (short) list of five things must be tired of always being the representation of their group.

All this to say: expand your minds folks (okay, maybe not you necessarily because you’re already open to the possibility of a same-gender wedding since you’re reading this blog…ahem…I digress).

Don’t automatically say the first thing that comes into your head when thinking about groups of things, people and places.

See if you can find a new way of looking at something you see everyday or gain a new perspective on a group you had previously lumped together.

Just remember: all T. rexs are dinosaurs but not all dinos are T rexs.

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