Coming full circle


John Denver – basically amazing. (Photo from Rolling Stone Magazine, Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images Images)

So it seems our ceremony is coming full circle.

When I first started this blog, I named it Poems, Prayers, Promises and Politics after the John Denver hit of the (mostly) same name. Details about the reasoning are in my very first post.

Now it seems out actual ceremony will have a John Denver feel to it.

And by that, I mean that my dad has agreed to sing one of J.D’s songs at the ceremony. Since he just agreed to it last night, I have no idea yet what song he’ll choose, I just know it’s going to be awesome.

Growing up, some of my most favorite (and most vivid) memories were of Sunday mornings when I would wake up to find my mom and dad on the back porch playing guitar and singing just about anything from the 60s. John Denver, Peter, Paul and Mary, Joni Mitchell – all of them filtered into my little 7-year-old consciousness and cemented that type of music to all the very best feelings in the world.

One of the very first songs I learned to play on my guitar was J.D.’s Leaving on a Jet Plane and that’s usually what my dad starts with when he and Marianne sit down to play when he comes to visit.

I’m excited. This will be good. And I am so thankful that my dad wants to be a part of our day.

Now, for your pleasure, I give you John Denver, harmonizing with The Muppets.


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