Hillary; Fatness and black women; Facebook goes public; The art of winning


It’s Sunday evening and I still feeling the effects of yesterday morning’s 25-mile bike ride for the Shalom Project. (Technically mine was 26 and some change because I got lost, but it’s all good).

All that to say these three news articles aren’t really related, but they are three of the most interesting bits of the Web from this week.

First up, The Politics of Fat in Black and White

  • Novelist Alice Randall wrote a New York Times Op-Ed prompted a debate surrounding the politics of weight, race and cultural identity;
  • This NPR piece explores the backstory to that article;
  • Personally, I found the comments to be more enlightening to the actual story – start with the earliest ones posted, the rest turn into fat-bashing.

Complete Coverage, Facebook’s IPO

  • As we all know, Facebook went public on Friday – at a final price of more than $100 billion;
  • My sister newspaper, The San Jose Business Journal, compiled links to all of their coverage about the IPO on one page;
  • Fascinating look at the business side of the deal going all the way back to November 2009.
  • Still reeling from the loss of Amendment One, a friend of mine and the director of campus outreach for the campaign finally put down some thoughts about her reaction;
  • As much as she would have liked to win in North Carolina, it seems that we ended up giving that “win” to the entire country as scored of folks have stood up for marriage equality in the days following the loss;
  • Down comes the cute kitty flag she used to fly, up goes an American flag in its place – a battle cry for equality of sorts.

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