Moving Day


So, as I mentioned in Tuesday’s post it’s true, Marianne and I are moving to Greenville, NC, at the end of July.

It’s for an awesome reason though. Marianne got into graduate school at East Carolina University where they are offering to pay for school and give her a job on campus. She’ll be in a Sociology Master’s program with the intent to graduate and continue to a PhD and eventually be a professor.

Ideally, I will work for another two years and then also get a PhD (in Women’s and Gender Studies with a focus in history? History with a focus in 2nd wave feminism?) and teach as well.

We’re going to end up an old, married, professor couple…how much fun is that!?!? (Madelyn Detloff, I’m channeling you and your significant other here – minus the old part).

I am so so SO excited and happy for her, maybe even more so than when I got accepted to my graduate school in 2009. Probably because I know she’s wanted this for forever.

Which is also why I’m not freaking out about the move. This is exactly what she wants and we made a (sort of un)official pact back in 2009. I would get my master’s, she would get hers, then we would go to school together. So now it’s her time.

Marianne has a super-bad habit of giving things to God in prayer and then taking them back, so in January, we created a “God Box” with the idea that once you put something in there, you have to leave it alone. She asked God to help her get into graduate school and help her find a way to get it paid for. Boom! Look what happened!

I’m also a big believer in the fact that God doesn’t just lead you somewhere without resources. Moving to Greenville, which is three hours east of Winston-Salem, should be like moving to another country but…turns out we have friends there. Older friends, with roots, and resources, and community connections. And there have been a number of job openings that would work for me.

I just really don’t things could be working out much better.

It’s weird, but this is quite possibly the first time ever I’ve been super excited for a partner of mine to be chasing dreams that have nothing to do with me. I mean seriously, I am completely content to uproot what we’ve got now because it’s exactly what Marianne wants. I’m content to just figure things out as I go for myself because I so believe in her and what she’s doing and what her goals are. I really like this feeling.

On a different note, it does complicate the wedding planning (not the actual plan though). By the end of July, we should have most things settled, we will just have to come back for the ceremony. We’ll drive in Thursday evening, have the ring exchange on Friday evening, the ceremony/celebration/Green Street piece on Saturday, church on Sunday and then back home. Oy vey!

Did I mention how excited I was to have a wedding planner? Again, God doesn’t put things (or people) in your life for no reason. We may not have known back in February that we could use one, the the big cheese upstairs had a plan.

Well played God. Well.Played.

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