Hi there


Five months till I’m married to my most favorite person ever!

Well hello.

Some of you came to this blog totally excited about seeing a lesbian wedding develop but…with all this Amendment One hullabaloo it sort of took a back seat.


Worry no more!

I am now back to wedding planning (more or less) full timeish. So, here’s what I know so far:

  • We actually get two wedding celebrations. Since the United Methodist folks won’t allow Rev. Kelly to perform an actual wedding ceremony we’re having to go to Wake Forest Baptist church the night before to do a short, simple ring exchange ceremony and then Saturday we’ll have a big ceremony/party/”celebration of committed relationship” (as the Methodists so lovingly allow us to call it).
  • I have a dress. Cutest thing ever!
  • I have a wedding band! Marianne does not, but we’re working on that.
  • We have a caterer.
  • We actually have a wedding planner, which is super-weird because I never though we would have enough money to afford one but it’s making life SO much easier.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Which is to say, not much. But we’re continuing to meet with Rev. Kelly to design our celebration/ceremony and he’s like a last minute planner for everything so it’ll all work out in the end.

O, and we’re moving to Greenville, NC at the end of July. Which complicates matters just a bit, but it’s for absolutely the right reasons so we’ll work it out. More on the moving a bit later.

So, seriously, never fear if you found my blog by accident or some stroke of serious good luck. The wedding planning will be picking up soon enough. Especially because the knot.com keeps sending me countdown emails. Five months, I get it.

Holy crap!


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