F- This, I’m choosing happiness


Ménage à God?

If you’ve been paying attention for the last six months or so, you know by now that today is the primary election in North Carolina. It’s also the day that folks get to vote on my civil (not religious, not biblical, not the fact that you don’t like gay marriage) rights.

(Yes this amendment harms women and children and impacts domestic violence protections, but it also means no recognition of my civil union should Marianne and I choose to get one out of state. And it means that only one of the mothers of a child I know has any legal rights to that child because she is the biological mother. And it means that a friend of mine may not be able to visit her partner is the hospital because they’re lesbians and thus not a “real couple.” And it’s all bull).

It’s also been unusually slow in the office today.

Which has allowed me time to troll the internet for stories about how the day is going. Most of the news I’m finding is encouraging, at least we’re getting out there and voting, but now there are reports that folks aren’t getting the right ballots and aren’t being allowed to vote on the amendment. Considering we need as many people as possible on our side, that’s no good at all.

Anyway, it’s ended me up in a funk. So I took a walk around downtown Greensboro to clear my head and ended up at the Green Bean… with all their hand painted “vote nope” signs coloring up their windows.

And I decided that I get to choose my attitude. What will be will be and I have done what I can. At this point it’s up to the voters. So, to cheer up other folks who may be feeling a bit blue, I give you some of my favorite Facebook statuses today:

From Protect NC Families

The original sponsor of the amendment voted against today. Isn’t that a sign?

From me after spending an hour holding a “Vote Against” sign at my local (rather conservative) polling location:

Well, I’m certainly not scoring any point with the J.C. Crowd this morning. Seems they forgot the 11th Commandment: Don’t be a jerk.

From Chris Speer, who continues to rally people to Vote Against:

Direct voter contact. #winning. Don’t forget to #voteagainst TODAY!

This from me this morning, after the rally against Amendment One Interfaith Voice sponsored

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, our rally had triple the number of people the pro-amendment rally had last night. See, love ALWAYS wins!

From RuPaul’s Drag Race (the TV show on Logo)

North Carolina, tell Amendment One to sashay away!

From my friend Lindsey, I really hope Lindsey doesn’t mind being featured here:

Ever wanted to be as cool as me? Here’s your chance. VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE. (all the cool kids are doing it)

Another one from Protect NC Families:

(Winston-Salem) Republican City Councilman, Robert Clark, in opposition to the amendment: “You’re taking something that is written in ink, and you’re chiseling it in stone” – VOTE AGAINST

From my friend Ash Mo:

If you vote FOR amendment one, and I have a baby with Anna… that baby can’t have her po-po health insurance. You will never be able to visit our baby because she will have to live in a bubble to protect her under-insured little body.
Thus, vote against the amendment and you can hold our hypothetical baby.

From my friend Georgia, a quote of Ben Franklin:

As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence

And last but not least, from my friend Kathryn, a primer making it’s way around Facebook:

For those who need a flow chart–here are your instructions!

Go vote Against if you haven’t,  take someone else to vote Against if you have… and at the end of the day, let’s all collapse into one big collective North Carolina hug because we, as a state, and as individuals in this state, will be fine.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Thanks MLK, as always, for the reminder.

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