Sometimes you have to take a peripheral miracle where you can get it


I woke up this morning and went swimming like I usually do on Tuesday/Thursdays. Sometimes, when I’m not in the mood to be there, I take one thought and focus on it throughout the hour-long workout. This morning it was the fact that we have four (4) days of early voting left and then it’s May 8. The day North Carolina gets to vote on my civil rights.

I’m worried. So I focused on what I can do in the next four days to help defeat Amendment One. Who I can reach out to. Who I need to have a conversation with. How many times can I sneak into the voting booth and vote Against again (totally kidding – sort of).

And then I come in to work to find this on my Facebook feed:

City to offer domestic partner benefits

That’s right. My hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, is offering domestic partner benefits to its city employees. Technically, the benefits will be extended to “adults who are ‘financially interdependent and cohabitate with non-married employees’,” so it would cover opposite-gender and well as same-gender couples, but a win is a win and I actually like that fact that it covers opposite-gender couples too. If you’re going to make something equal, why not make it totally equal?

Now, Ohio still has an amendment to their state constitution that prohibits gay marriage, it’s been there since 2004, but…Hey! Look Over There!…the Attorney General approved a petition to redefine marriage as “a union of two consenting adults, regardless of gender,” on April 3 of this year! The gay-rights group Freedom to Marry now has to collect 385,253 valid signatures of Ohio voters in order for the petition to be placed on a ballot, but the group hopes to achieve that by November 2013.

I was reading another blog this morning which talked about peripheral miracles…the ones that happen in your peripheral vision while the one you asked and prayed for isn’t being answered. She was speaking about trying for so long to adopt a child and that falling through only to find out her sister was pregnant. She jokes that she now gets the joy of a baby without the responsibility of sending him to college.

I am hoping for a miracle on May 8, although I like to think I helped it out along the way. But if not, if the amendment passes, I will take some comfort in knowing that the march for equality is continuing elsewhere. I’ll take the peripheral miracle and run with it.

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