Advice for the long haul


My friend Olivia found this blog and posted it to Facebook. It really does give some good advice. I’ll give you the highlights here, click the title to read the full post.

15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years

  1. Go to bed mad.
  2. Laugh if you can. (Marianne and I are really good at this one!)
  3. Don’t criticize. Ever.
  4. Be the mirror.
  5. Be proud and brag. (I love doing this one!)
  6. Do your own thing.
  7. Have kids. (Or really anything that requires responsibility – like a super-needy cat for instance)
  8. Get really good at sex.
  9. Move.
  10. Stop thinking temporarily.
  11. Do not put yourself in trouble’s way.
  12. Make a (partner) pact with your friends.
  13. Bitch to (their) mother, not yours.
  14. Be loyal. (Loyalty trumps all else – Marianne and I are on a team and no one else can play and no one else will understand our rules!)
  15. Trust the person you married.

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