So…funny story for you all…courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris


This is a photo I found on a site called Guess what? I heart it too. It's Neil and his boyfriend David Burtka and their twins. And pretty much too much cuteness rolled into one photo.

If you don’t know much about WordPress, they have this neat little feature that shows you statistics for your blog, things like views per day, week and month, the countries people have logged in from to view your blog and the search terms used to find it.

It’s the last one that fascinates me. In the past month or so, I’ve been seeing the search term “neil patrick harris poem” pop up and it got me thinking two things:

  • who is searching for a poem about Doogie Howser and why? and
  • how come that particular search results in my blog as a viable source for that poem?

So  I did what any researcher would do, I googled it myself. And this is what popped up:

The very first result is my blog!

Apparently, back in January I tagged a post with Harris’ name, so when people search for poems about him, my blog becomes, for all intents and Google purposes, a perfect match. Which makes it the first result. Which cracks me up.

But still doesn’t answer the question about why people are searching for poems (by? about?) him in the first place. But, hey, I’ll take it.

Thanks, Neil!


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  1. For kicks-n-giggles I just tried the search on my computer and you pop up at the top here too. How cool is that! You’re famous! Can I have your autograph? If not, can I borrow your cat… just in case I can get married here in WA soon? 🙂

    • You can borrow my cat if you can stand the 15 17? 26.2?) hour car ride it takes to get to Washington with her.
      Funny story for you about the cat: She hates car rides – like LOATHES them hates them. Driving down from Ohio to North Carolina in 2009, she spent 9 hours solid yowling about how she didn’t appreciate a moving car. To the point that we put her, in her cat carrier, in my truck which was being pulled behind the U-Haul. Every time we stopped to check on her – yup, still yowling. She was hoarse by the time we get to N.C. but the vet said she’d be fine – and she was. Much to Marianne’s dismay.
      So yeah, if you want her, get ready for a relationship testing experience. 😀

      • OMG, too funny! Yeah, I think I’ve changed my mind on borrowing your cat… 🙂 Actually, Todd’s got 2 dogs (I guess that means I’ve got 2 dogs now too, huh!) and I’m not sure how they’d feel about a cat being the ring-bearer in their place. On the other hand, if they can’t eat it, I’m not sure they really care about it! LOL!

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