The Titanic; Gay marriage; and When life begins – O, and a song!


This week was rough. I had fully planned to post something on Thursday and Saturday, but then Neena passed away and the world stopped for a few days.

Today was her memorial service and, for once, it really was a memorial service rather than a funeral service. There are so many good things to remember about her life that it doesn’t make sense to wallow in her death. Pastor Kelly reminded all of us that that it’s okay to be in pain, but we don’t have to suffer.

I’ve been off my game on following the news this week as well, but here are some of the more interesting pieces I read:

Why didn’t passengers panic on the Titanic?

  • According to one economist, given enough time, social order will reestablish itself;
  • The Titanic had 2.5 hours to sink, the Lusitania, which also sank around the same time, had only 17 minutes and that ship’s passengers went into panic mode;
  • Survivors will also be judged on what they did or didn’t do during the emergency, so given enough time, that will also factor into why people live and die.

I’m a big believer in signs, so when I saw this piece, written by Kenyon Farrow, the same man who wrote the April 6th piece, I had to share it with you all:

Anti-gay marriage group’s black strategy has long history

  • Last week the Human Right’s Campaign, the leading gay-rights organization in America, revealed documents that exposed that National Organization for Marriage’s, HRC’s arch nemesis, “has been using race as a way to drive a wedge between LGBT marriage equality advocates and African-Americans.”
  • Everything Farrow had written in in 2004 came true when NOM’s strategy was exposed;
  • Luckily, change is happening, A 2010 report stated that although black Americans don’t necessarily believe in gay marriage, ” they overwhelmingly support other forms of relationship recognition for LGBT families, as well as ending other forms of discrimination against LGBT people in jobs, employment, and other aspects of public life. “

Last but not least, in the land of “What the F Just Happened Here?,” life begins two weeks before conception in Arizona:

Arizona abortion bill: Legislators pass three bills, including one that redefines when life begins

  • The first prohibits abortions after the 18th week of pregnancy, which is “‘calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman.’ That would move the beginning of a pregnancy up two weeks prior to conception;”
  • The second protects doctors from being sued if they withhold health information about a pregnancy that could cause a woman to seek an abortion;
  • The third mandates that how school curriculums address the topic of unwanted pregnancies;
  • All three bills are now on Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk for review;

HOLY HELL! Are we back in the 1960s and 70s or what? We’ve already protested and won the right for women to control their bodies, annnnnd now we’re back to this. Oy vey!

On a fun, more upbeat note, this video came out this week. Vote AGAINST N.C’s Amendment One folks!

Also, if you’re interested, I will be speaking at the Winston-Salem city council tomorrow night at 7 pm asking them to support a resolution against Amendment One. Come support me and show the city council how many W-S residents really are against this broadly overreaching amendment.

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  1. I’ve read about NOM’s strategy too. Very sad. But like you said, thankfully more people everywhere are understanding the need to end discrimination.

    Possibly even more sad are the monthly funerals that will now be necessary in Arizona! I hadn’t heard about Arizona’s bill calculating the beginning of life as 2 weeks prior to conception.


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