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Sundays are usually my days to give you news from the past week, but sometimes I think it’s important to take stock of issues through the opinions of others rather than through hard news stories:

A Catholic classmate rethinks his religion

  • A doctor, raised Catholic, comes to terms with what happens when real life doesn’t match up with faith doctrine;
  • Working in rural Africa, the doctor witnessed things that made him question why any god would allow such misery;
  • Although the doctor is no longer religious ( “Religion too often demands belief in physical absurdities and anachronistic traditions despite all scientific evidence and moral progress”), he does allow is spiritual side to guide the choices he makes and how he raises is children.

White picket fences, white innocence

  • In light of the Trayvon Martin murder, the author reflects on whether or not black children can ever be innocent in America;
  • Dick, Jane and their dog Spot look like innocence; as metaphors for innocence they continue to “taunt and terrorize;”
  • “Open carry and stand your ground laws merely reinforce this regime by giving white citizens carte blanche to police the ‘dangerous’ racial other.”

A nation is watching North Carolina’s Amendment One fight…are you? 

  • Public opinion about the “correctness” of this amendment is turning;
  • President Obama, N.C. Governor Bev Purdue, even the California Democratic Party have all been added to list of folks who oppose it, the California democrats have even pledged to help us defeat it;
  • Although there are some large pro-Amendment One groups – National organization for Marriage for instance – working to pass this legislation, the “growing statewide and national chorus of anti-Amendment-One sentiment sings loudly, we stand more confident than ever in the rising harmony among voters — to vote against Amendment One — on May 8.

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