Super Tuesday Super PACs; Who’s up for shipping a horse to London?


And now for three completely unrelated, but interesting nonetheless, pieces of news from last week. Let’s start on Tuesday.

Super Tuesday brings super PAC spending milestone

  • Heading into Super Tuesday, super PACs have spent more money than during all of the 2010 mid-term elections;
  • Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future super PAC has spent $32 million with almost all of it on negative ads;
  • Newt Gingrich’s Winning Our Future PAC has spent $16 million and Rick Santorum’s Red White and Blue Fund has spent $5.3 million;
  • All told, the super PACs have spent $66 million so far, compared to $65 million spent during the entire 2010 mid-term election cycle.

As the 2012 summer Olympics gallop toward us, there’s one lingering question:

How do you ship a horse to the London Olympics?

  • Apparently, very carefully. And by FedEx;
  • According to the owner of an international horse transport company, about 50 to 60 horses will travel by air to London;
  • Two horses will share one custom-built stall and during the ride they will have access to a veterinarian to keep them healthy, a groomer to calm them down and access to lots of water, Gatorade and carrots;
  • Some horses are champs, others not so much. A mild sedative – kind of like a glass or two of champagne – will be administered.

More on Kony 2012. Clearly I’m not a fan. But now there’s also some backlash from Africans (or folks of African descent) themselves:

African voices respond to hyper-popular Kony 2012 viral campaign

  •  One journalist based in Uganda feels “the simplicity of the ‘good versus evil,’ where good is inevitably white/western and bad is black or African, is also reminiscent of some of the worst excesses of the colonial era interventions;”
  • A non-profit founder feels ” [the Invisible Children] must be willing to use their media to amplify African voices, not simply their own. This isn’t about them; and
  • The Ugandan child featured in the IC’s film said “they wanted a kid who was sleeping there and who spoke English. I could understand English and I could say what was happening, so that is how I was in their film.”

Last but not least, Kirk Cameron’s an ass.

After he announced that being homosexual is “detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization,” many organizations and Hollywood stars slammed him over his views. The piece below brings home the thoughts of so many children who grew up watching him.

An open letter to Kirk Cameron

  • Cameron has betrayed the tolerant, cool kid character he played on “Growing Pains;”
  • The piece is not a knock on Cameron’s religious belief’s, it’s a backlash about how he used them to spew hate instead of forge community;
  • “Faith and spirituality can be forces for such good in the world, ones that unite us and empower us, and I don’t have to believe in God as a person to know that you are not doing anyone’s God concept justice.”

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