My day in pictures…and explanations


Advice for the day. Sorry I’m following it at 11:20 at night.

So for most of the week I spent at least part of my day at the UN headquarters. They have a lovely exhibit (scroll about halfway down) on women around the world and how they are super important. Too bad they didn’t think about the placement of the movable exhibit in relation to unmovable statue given by the Greek government in 1952.

If your going to have an exhibit on women and thier importance around the world, I would think you wouldn't include a statue of a well-hung naked man. The exhibit is movable, just once UN, I would suggest you do that. Good grief!

This evening, we headed to the Museum of Modern Art where they had an exhibit on the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). There were a number of ways CEDAW was represented, but the one that most struck me was the representation of women at war – being there but not.

To me this was the prefect description of trying to retain your humanity while also being stuck in the inescapable situation that war creates.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. Boo. But I am looking forward to getting home to Marianne and my kitty. International politics are great, but so is defeating Amendment 1 in May!

Speaking of which, did you hear the N.C. Association of Baptist Preachers took a stand against it? Woo hoo!

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