On Lent


So, in the Christian tradition, today begins the season of Lent, the 40 days before Jesus died and rose again at Easter. Green Street had their Ash Wednesday service and my forehead is still covered in an ash cross three hours later. I remember in grade school we used to have contests to see whose ashes could last the longest – I never won.

Somehow I think we missed the point.

Tonight Rev. Kelly was talking about Lent as a season of both giving things up – old bad habits – and taking things on – new good habits. It’s a season to go back to reset, reconnecting with God in a way that’s truly authentic.

For me it’s also a season of allowing myself to be brought low in order to understand that it’s not about me. It’s about trusting God and really learning that when God says go I go always knowing that God’s right there.

Anyway, my friend Ginny Wilder is an amazing singer/songwriter and she is currently in seminary in Virginia. She was ordained into the Episcopal church last December and will graduate in May. Earlier in January, she wrote a song called “I Know My Way Around the Leaving” and it seemed appropriate to all themes I wrote about above:

For years you know I’ve thought about this/Anytime I hold onto something/It’s because I’m not strong enough/To let it go
You have been my home/You have helped me grow/I’m not sure if I am ready to/Do this on my own…
Instead of falling/I am held up by you/Lifted up by a deeper love/I know is true


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