Heart shaped pizzas and other such nonsense


Happiness is hot pizza and cold beer

My friend Christoph is very smart. This was his take on Valentine’s Day:

I think the best way to show you love someone is not by buying things, but by showing that someone a little special kindness today. Love is not in cheap consumable products, it’s not something some corporation gives you if you are willing or able to pay the price. Love is a hug and a kiss and tender closeness. It’s not outside of you, it’s inside. If you have to look further than your own back yard, you never had it to begin with.

And for one of the first times in my life, I get it.

Tonight will be spent on the couch with Marianne, eating a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John’s, drinking the beer that came with the (small) gift basket she got me, and watching Smash and Glee.

We had thought about going out, but short of fighting the crowds and spending money on mediocre Italian food and bad service, we decided (collectively) that staying home sounded like the best idea we’ve had in a while.


Happiness abounds in the little joys I have in my life.


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