No really, Greensboro for W-I-N!; On birth control and burkhas


Good Sunday morning!

After getting sidetracked by the NYT’s six-page article Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on it, which has nothing to do with the theme of this blog but is still super interesting, it’s time for the Sunday News Roundup.

Unity of Love and Belief

  • This is the story of Lennie and Pearl, two Greensboro, NC, ladies who have been in a relationship for 45 years;
  • Lennie is 76 and a retired lawyer, Pearl is 87 and a retired professor;
  • Both have campaigned tirelessly for many causes throughout their lives – Civil Rights, the Equal Rights Amendment;
  • It’s a feel-good profile piece but it’s appropriate, especially after Greensboro city council passed a resolution Tuesday evening opposing the Anti-Family Amendment.

About that resolution…

  • You Tube video with statements both for and against the amendment from the city council meeting Feb. 7

Bishops and burkhas and buggies

  • The article is about the squabble this week over whether or not religious (OK Catholic)affiliated institutions ought to have to provide birth control to women as part of their insurance offering since they are morally opposed to it;
  • It claims the folks opposed are using “burkha-logic,” the idea that because what you believe, or do not believe, is at odds with my belief, you should conform to my belief so that I am not constantly under religious attack;
  • The article uses the Amish folks as an example of what should happen: the Amish choose not to ride in cars but they would certainly not demand or even expect those of us who are not Amish to shun motor vehicles as they do.

And now for a graphic:

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