Greensboro for the win; JC Penny backs Ellen


Gooooood Sunday morning folks! Most of these stories were pretty big this week, so the pieces below are a different take on them.

City Council to consider opposing state marriage amendment

  • Greensboro, NC, the city where I went to school and where I now work, is considering a resolution in opposition to the Anti-Family amendment slated for the May 8 primary at their meeting Tuesday;
  • The city currently offers partner benefits, like health insurance, to domestic partners of gay city employees to get benefits like health insurance, the same way legally recognized spouses would;
  • The resolution does not list who sponsored the resolution, but Mayor Robbie Perkins is listed as the point of contact.

JC Penny stands by Ellen DeGeneres as spokeswoman

  • JC Penny reaffirmed its commitment to hiring Ellen as their spokeswoman despite opposition from a conservative group;
  • One Million Moms, a group within the American Family Association, was calling on their members to boycott JC Penny until Ellen was replaced;
  •  GLAAD launched their own counter-campaign, Stand Up For Ellen, and applauded the retail store for sticking to their decision.

In my news circles, the Susan G. Komen decision to defund (and then ultimately refund) Planned Parenthood was one of the biggest news items of the week. Instead of rehashing what happened, I give you the following piece:

The accidental rebranding of Komen for the Cure

  • This post is about what happen when a leading nonprofit jumps into a controversial decision with no communications strategy whatsoever and allows others to hijack the public dialogue;
  • It seems that Komen was hoping the whole mess would blow over and, when it didn’t they reversed their decision to defund Planned Parenthood;
  • The verdict is still out of how Komen will ultimately whether this storm.

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