Becoming a mob boss


I’ve decided to boycott the word “wedding” when talking to vendors for the next nine months and 30 days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to plan my w-g, it’s just that each time I mention the W-word to any vendor, the price goes up 20 percent.

Let’s look at this phenomenon.

Not that I would ever buy anything from, but they advertise themselves as a reasonably priced vendor. Prom dresses ran $78 to $179 or so.

Fine, now let’s look at dresses for women to wear when they are about to attend an event at which they will bind themselves to another person for life:

Did you see that? The lowest price jumped from $78 to $258.

I can’t believe that the day-I-become-a-Mrs. dresses are that much better. They may be white, and a bit longer, but it’s got to be mostly because people have bought into the idea that a w-g has to be expensive.

The same thing happens with flowers.

Sherwood Flower Shop, a local place in Winston-Salem, charges between $50 and $70 for their Thanksgiving floral arrangements. Considering Marianne and I want are going with a fall theme, the flowers for our “event” should about the same price right?

Um…no. The biggest-day-of-my-life prices start at $112 for the bride’s bouquet to who knows what for the entire ceremony. Another local flower shop includes everything for a “regular size” event-that-sometimes-takes-place-at-a-church for the low price of $999.

For something that’s going to die soon after the ceremony, it all seems a little ridiculous.

So from now on,my conversation with any vendor is going to sound something like this:

Katie: “I need product xyz for an event.”

Vendor: “What’s the occasion?”

K: “Don’t worry about it.”

V: “But it would really help if I knew.”

K: “Don’t worry about it.”

V: “But I could help you better if…”

K (interrupting here and giving a great stink eye): “I saaaaiiiiid, Don’t worry about it.”

I may come off sounding a bit like a mob boss with less-than-above-board intentions, but so be it. If it saves me a bit of money, I’ll take that risk.

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