Sunday news roundup


Not a whole lot of undercurrent stories this week – mostly we as a nation were focused on the South Carolina primary. Which Newt won, somehow. O, and finding out that Rick Santorum actually won Iowa. But who’s counting?

He is, apparently.

Other stories include:

Christian Right Panics Over Transgender Girl Scout

  • 7-year-old Bobby Montoya, born with male genitalia but has identified as female since age 2, was admitted to a Colorado Girl Scout Troop in October, 2011;
  • A teen,  identified only as Taylor, posted a YouTube video attacking the Girl Scouts’ decision, called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies;
  • Other right-wing Christian organizations have jumped on the bandwagon, stirring up old stereotypes of men dressing as women to do bad things to the children;
  • Dear God, why doesn’t anyone ever think about the children?!?!?!?

The Amazing Story of the Televangelist and his Gay Grandson

  • Wouldn’t you know it, Oral Roberts has a gay grandson;
  • Robert Potts, the grandson, travels the country pushing the “gay agenda” by ironing clothes, watching television and rubbing his boyfriend’s shoulders in rented storefronts for two days at a time;
  • The whole point is to upend the (sometimes) negative influences Robert’s had on America.

As if we didn’t know the current Republican field doesn’t like gay folk, the National Organization for Marriage sponsored the South Carolina debate .

  • NOM sponsorship was part of this year’s Southern Republican leadership conference;
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center calls NOM “one of the most visible and active anti-gay marriage groups,” and says the organization propagates “known falsehoods” about LGBT people;
  • This move represents the latest in a string of national moves to create a wedge issue.

Last but not least, Obama sings Al Green at the Apollo Theater Jan. 19. Just because it’s fun.

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