Dear God, why doesn’t anyone ever think about the children!?!?


Now…read the title again in your most melodramatic voice, preferably with your hands in the air and a look of anguish on your face.

Dear God! Why doesn’t anyone ever think about the children!?!?!?

There, that’s better.

As you know, North Carolina is proposing a constitutional amendment to our state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman and as the only valid, recognized relationship (regardless of the genders of the folks in the relationship).

As hard as our side is working to defeat the amendment, the other side is working equally hard to make sure it passes. And by the other side, I mean a group called Vote for Marriage NC (google them, I’m not providing a link).

Anyhow, Pastor Kelly sent me an email this morning with some literature from this group he had gotten a hold of. Most was what you’d expect…marriage has an historical president, without this amendment activist judges could redefine marriage, marriage serves as the foundation of the family…but the last piece was what got me.

It was entitled: Why Preserving Marriage Matters And I quote:

Why has virtually every society throughout history defined marriage as the union as one man and one woman? The answer can be summarized in one word: children.

Dear God, why doesn’t anyone ever think about the children?!?!?!?

…marriage is a special relationship reserved exclusively for heterosexual union, because only the intimate relationship between a man and a woman has the ability to produce children as a result of that sexual union.

Except, you know, unions between heterosexual couples who are infertile, or heterosexual couples who are past child-bearing age, or heterosexual couples who just choose not to have children.

Marriage serves a vital and universal societal purpose – to channel biological drive and sexual passion (italics are mine) that might otherwise become socially destructive into enduring family units that have the best opportunity to ensure the care and education by that biological drive and sexual passion.

My neighbor who likes to get drunk and yell at his wife and kids, totally creating that enduring family unit I’m sure you’re going for here. (insert thumbs-up here). And the divorced single parent? Raging heterosexual, yet somehow, all  the “biological drive and sexual passion” they had just couldn’t cut the mustard I suppose.

The overwhelming body of social science evidence establishes that children do best when raised by their married mother and father.

Except for this study, this one and this one. And others I could find if I spent more than 30 seconds on Google.

Marriage says to a child: The man and woman whose sexual union made you will also be there to love and raise you.

Look over here, that’s me raising my hand! My parents never got married. And yet, somehow, I had the love of both parents. My parents never got married. And yet, somehow, I’m okay. My.Parents.Never.Got.Married. And yet, somehow, I don’t feel that I’m missing anything because the “sexual union that made” me didn’t become an economic unit of the state through marriage.

Under a definition on marriage that is genderless, the interest of children – and therefore society’s intrinsic interest in marriage – is eliminated entirely.

Yes, because the only reason anyone ever gets married is to procreate heterosexually. And second, genderless marriage? That’s just awkward. If two women get married they still have genders, they’re just the same.

When a court or legislature adopts a genderless definition of marriage legal experts warn…that there will be profound consequences for society…Churches and religious organization can lose their tax exemptions and be forced to abandon their core moral principles or face punishment (italics are mine).

Doom! Gloom! Run for the hills! The genderless marriage police are coming to lock you up for holding fast to your core moral principles!!! As for profound consequences, you’re right, you just might have to let go of some of the bigotry and hatred you like to carry with you at all times. That and find a new verse to quote because Leviticus chapters 18 and 20 may not work anymore.

Perhaps most profoundly, children at a very young age will be taught in school that marriage is between any two adults, no matter what they have been taught at home, in church or in their ethnic traditions.

Yes, just like they are now taught at public school that people of any race can get married. Or any religion. Remind me again why learning about different family structures is a bad thing?

I’m making light of the flyer because I think their arguments are ridiculous, but truth be told I’m a little worried because there are folks in North Carolina who read this and totally buy it. That’s why I’m asking all my friends to have 1 Million Conversations with their friends and families (whatever those families happen to look like) before May 8.

If you need help starting a conversation, come ask me. Or if you want me to have a conversation for you/with you, let me know. Seriously folks, we have to stop this amendment.

Come on, do it for the children.

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