Family…and friends…and friends as family



Dad and I putting the finishing touches of Judy's log cabin roof in march 2010.

I’ve been off the grid for the last three days because I was visiting my family in Ohio. Every time I wanted to make a post I didn’t, because I was busy. Fully and completely engaged in what was happening in the moment. Carrying windows around, drinking blueberry moonshine, sitting around a fireplace, walking around a neat little city, eating (while sitting on the floor) at a Korean restaurant. All these things happened and I felt no need to tell you all about them. Until now.

Because I was too involved in the moment to stop and blog. And it was wonderful.


Taz and I have known each other for 10 years. Yikes!

Taz and I met when I was 17 and she was working at the “big” Girl Scout camp. I had spent all summer as a junior counselor at the “small” Girl Scout camp and they eventually sent all the junior counselors to the “big” camp to make sure they would come back as real counselors next summer. I shadowed Taz all day.

Since then, she and I have become good friends. Through my Air Force time, while I was at Miami and now that I’m down here, we’ve made it a point to stay in touch (either through actual visits or by phone). We hadn’t seen each other since last Christmas and she wasn’t in town this weekend because she had been in West Virginia visiting her girlfriend. I totally thought I was going to miss her BUT…she made a point to find a place for us to meet in my drive back to North Carolina and her drive back to Ohio to grab lunch and catch up. And it was wonderful. I love her for that.

Friends as Family.

Clearly, Marianne and I have had a lot of drama with our neighbors recently. To the point that we are now thinking of moving out of the rental house just two months after we moved in. Moving in the middle of wedding planning is not my idea of fun but what it may be what it is. Anyway, Marianne was talking to four of our friends about the situation after church today and right away, two of them offered their garage for storage and the other two offered us their extra bedroom. That’s what families do.

I think M and I have decided to stay in our house unless it become unbearable. But it’s nice (and pretty amazing) to know we have friends who are as close as family. Friends who step in because they love us.

So I learned things this weekend. I learned that I am amazingly blessed to have both family as friends… and friends who are as close as family. And I love that.

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