Our next door neighbors hate us. It is what it is. There reasons are threefold:

  • We asked them to keep their dogs from barking 24/7;
  • We are making them rethink their garbage can placement since Marianne parks (legally) on the street but in front of the spot they’re used to placing their cans; and
  • We’re lesbians.

The first two I can live with. It’s the last one that gets me. Because it’s not something any of us can fix.

I should back up.

Marianne and I called Animal Control Saturday because the dogs had been barking off and on for about four hours and (from what I can tell) there’s no shelter available for them outside. ACO called me back Monday and said they would send an officer as soon as they could. That “soon” was yesterday and the visit clearly didn’t sit well with the neighbors.

Yesterday evening around 10:30 or so as we’re getting ready for bed we here some talking/loud conversation coming from the neighbor’s backyard. The people involved were very obviously drunk and thinking it might be a domestic violence situation, I opened our bathroom window to hear better and make sure we didn’t need to call the police to step in.

Very quickly, we discovered the conversation was about us. More specifically about the “harassment” we were causing by calling ACO. From there, it went downhill about how “this is the South and we don’t vote for gay marriage,” “fucking lesbians” and threatening to go to the city mayor and have Marianne fired because of said “harassment.”

And then at 11:15 p.m. they decided it would be a good time to come talk to us, so they rang our doorbell. When we didn’t answer, they got bored and went home, and we promptly called the police to file a report and at least have the incident on record. Yes, I realize Marianne is the police, but in this instance, we both thought it better to act as a neighbor rather than for her to be in official police capacity.

Hear this:


I normally swim at 6 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I debated not going today because I was awake until 1 a.m. but I sucked it up and went anyhow – things always seem clearer to me during my workouts. I was super slow because I was super tired, but when I was thinking about how to blog the previous night’s events the above sentence above kept popping into my head.


I don’t plan on being stupid and I am not going to engage them in conversation. But I will not live at my house like I have no right to be there. I will not avoid my front and back yards and I will not pay attention to, or alter my schedule around, when they will be outside to come or go.


I will get the police involved and do what I can to stay out of the neighbor’s way but I will not cease to exist. That’s not meant to be a threat or a challenge, it just is. I have finally, in the last year or two, learned how to be authentically me and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to make me be anything other than exactly who I am.


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