Squee! Cutest thing ever! Squee!

*Squee!*  *Squee!* (insert your own sound of unadulterated joy here!)

I made a wedding planning binder! And thanks to the wonderful (or not, I don’t really know) people at Forsyth Woman Engaged! I now have a:

  • Checklist of Must Do’s Before I say “I Do;” and
  • A spreadsheet for my vendor contacts; AND
  • (most importantly) an Excel budget spreadsheet that automatically calculates cost based in the info I enter! Thanks to the wonders of Google docs, Marianne and I can edit it together – yes!

There are also tabbed dividers in the binder and in short order there will be a chapter page so I know what goes where!

Now, off to email the caterer!

*Squee!* Watch me go, spinning in circles! *Squee!*

*According to Urban Dictionary (which, you know, is the most reliable source EVER, squee is a verb which means: To squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl.
Used as a noun, it is: A feeling of excitement and happiness, such that one feels like squeeing ie.”Squee!!! Aren’t you just so excited for the wedding planning binder Katie put together?!”


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