Sunday news roundup


Happy Sunday!

I’ve decided that each Sunday I will post two or three stories just to keep you up to date with local, state and national news you might have missed in the last week.

First up: Rick Santorum’s Google problem

From: NPR

If you Google Rick Santorum, the first result you’ll find will be a site with a made up, completely over-the-top sexual definition…and a big brown blotch welcoming you to

The Web site is a political stunt by newspaper columnist Dan Savage who, when completely outraged by disparaging statements Santorum had made about the gay community, asked his column readers to write their own definition of Santorum’s name. Savage picked his favorite and created a Web site where he blogs and collects news articles about (against) Santorum so people can stay up-to-date on what a jackass Santorum really is.

For me, the news isn’t the site, that is what it is. I just love, love love the fact that Santorum can’t get rid of it! See, Google uses a complex algorithmic formula (based on number of clicks per site and other things) that keeps certain sites always at the top of certain searches and unless Santorum spends tons of man hours to creating other (positive) sites about himself to essentially make Google “forget”, it’s going to haunt him throughout his presidency bid.

He even asked Google to take down the site and they refused, citing their algorithmic formula and first amendment rights and whatnot.

The whole point is that if he wasn’t a jackass and didn’t make statements like:

then Dan Savage would never had need to create his site in the first place.

Next: Finally some movement from Protect N.C. Families

From: Protect N.C. Families

Back in September 2011, the North Carolina legislature voted to allow N.C. citizens to vote on as amendment to the state constitution that reads:

“Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

I spent much of August and September volunteering with Equality North Carolina (ENC) to ask the legislature not to put my rights up for a vote but we lost. Now a vote to change the constitution is set for May 8.

I expected ENC to continue to be involved in the fight by spreading the word reminding citizens to vote against the change, organizing teach-ins etc., but none of that happened. To say they are letting me down is somewhat of an understatement. The most they did was create a new lobbying organization called Protect N.C. Families.

While that’s great, they really didn’t roll out the Web site until a few weeks ago. There’s not much on it, but if you click the link above and then choose “Get Informed,” you can at least learn about the amendment yourself and spread the word individually. It’s not much but it’s a start.

Last: Race to the Ballot

From: Race to the Ballot

One thing that did come from ENC and Protect N.C. Families is this event called Race to the Ballot.

Basically ,Jen Jones, with a supporting team of four or five folks, is literally running across North Carolina to spread the word about the harms of this amendment. It’s a statewide voter outreach campaign that is planning stops at all the major college campuses as well as other fair-minded community groups.

Check out What is RACE TO THE BALLOT? to learn specifics. It all starts Jan. 27.


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