Martial arts and wedding dress shopping


Jessica Coyle was a high school friend of mine who has been teaching English in Japan and now runs (or is at least involved in) a comedy improv group that tours around America and Canada.

As I begin my wedding dress shopping, I am going to carry her facebook post from today in my pocket:

“My mom reads US Weekly, which is her prerogative. However, I don’t think humans should consume this kind of publication.

US Weekly bills itself as a celebrity gossip magazine, yet here is the breakdown of this month’s issue:
•38 pages of celebrity beach bodies, ‘professional’ diet tips, weight loss secrets, pills, cleanses, and features like ‘Check Out My New Body!’
•32 pages devoted to celebrity gossip featuring impossibly, air-brushed gorgeous stick figures
•20 pages of either mostly text or advertisement
•5 pages of skin and beauty products
That’s at least 43 pages devoted exclusively to making women feel like ugly garbage with only the vaguest wink to its stated goal of gossiping about celebrities.

If I ever have a daughter who starts bringing these home, I will immediately sign her up for a martial art (or something similar) so she can see how people get fit without hating themselves.”

And then she continues in the comments:

“Also, screw you US Weekly, for allowing the line ‘What Weight Loss Should Be’ above a 120 pack of weight loss pills. Weight loss looks like vegetables and walking up stairs. I could not hate this aspect of popular culture more.”

Me either Jess, me either. And can I just add, “Screw you US Weekly!”


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