Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine


“Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine.”

This was my grandmother’s standard quote and I fear it’s fast becoming one of mine.

Like last night. Marianne has for about nine months or so been talking about wanting to get a road bicycle so that she can ride when she’s not at work. A store in Greensboro was having a sale and they gave her a police discount on top of it so last night she jumped in and finally bought one. It’s pretty and awesome and I decided I needed a road bike as well.

So I jumped in and got one too. (To be fair, mine was refurbished from the ReCycles shop just past UNCG and they were extremely helpful and the bike was pretty cheap, but still).

And then there’s the wedding.

Aside from nailing down the venue for the wedding itself and the reception there hasn’t been much planning yet. We have some nebulous idea about who the caterer will be and I think we’ve got a wedding planner-type guy to help with the flowers but beyond that we’ve got nothin’.

And it’s stressing me out.

Today, to humor me more than anything I’m pretty sure, Marianne finally helped me revise the guest list and start thinking about the Save the Date cards/magnets/things.

Marianne was all about the save the date magnets, but I want(ed) to do some homemade piece. Since we’re having a fall wedding, I was thinking a silk fall leaf (maple or oak) with the save the date info glued to the front and a magnet glued to the back.

It sounds (and looks) great in my head, but we’re both pretty sure it’s going to turn out looking like a 5-year-old kindergarten craft. As much as I love creativity, my art projects generally don’t turn out as well as they should (See: the birdhouse where I almost took my finger off with a wood saw; the cat jungle gym that sags whenever you look at it wrong; the queen-size quilt I started in June and still haven’t finished).

I try hard, but for the sake of the wedding I need to save the professional stuff for the professionals.

Now that we’ve decided we’re going with a pre-printed save-the-date magnet and once Marianne decides on a design, I want(ed) to get them ordered and sent out. And then Marianne calls and says;

I’ve been reading up on the save-the-date stuff and generally you don’t send those out until about six to eight months before the wedding.

Well shoot, that’s March, I tell her.

Ok, I just didn’t want you sending them out, like, tomorrow.

Seriously?!? Why not?

Because people loose things.

But they’re magnets. You stick them to your fridge.

Yes, but I know people, and people loose things.

I know she’s right, she generally is when it comes to organization and planning. But I do believe I will go to Michael’s craft store today anyway and buy a wedding planning binder. Patience may not be my virtue, but I can still try really hard and do things to fill up the meantime.

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