What’s in a mailbox?


The mailbox in front of our house is so cute with it's little red flag!

This morning was a little rough – got out of the house late, the cat escaped as I was leaving, I left my lunchbox BUT I did remember to attach a stamp to a letter and put it in our mailbox. I then took a picture because it looked so cute with it’s little red flag standing tall, letting the mailman know there’s a present for him. I uploaded it to facebook and promptly had the following conversation with Marianne:

Marianne: Why did you take a pic of the mailbox?

Katie: It’s cute w its little red flag

M: They all have those ya know?

K: I know but its OUR mailbox

M: Ok šŸ˜€

Anyway, it got me thinking, just what is it about a mailbox that makes it so special? I realized it wasn’t the mailbox itself, but what it represents.

  • Stability. I have a specific place to come home to every night;
  • Security. As it were, I was mailing our rent check this morning, so M and I have enough money to cover our house (and other bills) for another month;
  • Love. I’ve got a woman who loves me who also lives at the house with the mailbox;
  • More Love. Considering all the Christmas cards that came this year, I’ve got an extended circle of folks who love me too;
  • Escape. I have a space I can use to both run to and to run away from the world for a bit; and
  • Trust. My whiny, needy, ridiculous cat, trusts that I will be there each night to feed, play with and listen to her.

What does your mailbox represent?


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  1. Anyone that knows me, knows that I adore the post office and mail! The post office and a mailbox represent the promise of something good! Yes, there are bills and junk mail, but there also might be a letter from a friend(some of us still write letters, not emails!), a reminder to take care of yourself and schedule a dental appt., or a $.74 rebate on your car insurance when your rates went down. I never use a mailbox, I always walk into the post office to drop off mail. I just love the idea that this place could be responsible for giving me the promise of something good. Your mailbox is cute Katie. Mine however is surrounded by the other condo owners…and reminds me I’m never alone!

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